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Bacteria A – 32 oscillators free VSTI synth inspired by ELTA Solar synthesizer

Bacteria A VSTi is inspired by ELTA Solar synthesizer. It has 32 oscillators onboard that can be independently detuned to create rich sounds that are good for ambient, experimental, rave and edm genres.
For now its a build 0.1 that don`t have any effects section, that will appear later in development.

Check this YouTube video. Synth was played with some lush Valhalla VST reverbs, arps were coming from Deepmind 12 synth.

You can download this VSTI for free here at mediafire

Plugin is for PC 32 bit only. You can use JBridge to use it in 64 bit DAW
Get it here https://jstuff.wordpress.com/jbridge/
I plant to further development it adding more to it.
You can support my work with sending donation to https://paypal.me/tikov or if you don`t have this possibility, you can follow my artist profile at spotify and listen my stuff – everything helps to move forward through this hard time. Im a political refugee artist living in Ibiza, Spain so don`t be shy to support.


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