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Drumstep Female Vocal Sample Library Vol 1 – 175 bpm 100 phrases and licks vocal pack

Drumstep Female Vocal Sample Library Vol 1 – 175 bpm 100 phrases and licks pack

This library contains collection of 100 female vocal samples in drumstep style recorded in 175 bpm.

9,99 USD


8,59 EU

Smoking hot female vocal Drumstep Library. Female vocal Drumstep Library Volume 1 is packed with over 100, high quality, 175 bpm licks, phrases, and demos. Sweet, heart stopping, and entrancing! These female Drumstep vocals are amazing! Spice up your Drumstep library with these scorching hot demos and phrases. Female Dubstep vocals are always hot and forever in demand! These are some of the best that you will find on the market. Just add some feects – from spine tingling echo and vibrato, to full on clean, and everything in between, these demos and phrases will add just what you are looking for, to your work. Perfect for Drumstep production, Trap step, and EDM sample work. No matter what you are doing in the world of Electronica production work, you should definitely make these demos a staple in your music! These phrases and demos are all set to 140 BPM, which puts them directly between the 175 BPM parameter and hence, it lends itself to being varied for whatever your specific style calls for, with your unique and expert production work. Heat up your music stylings, get on board, and make your fans hearts pour out the love for you and your awesome electronic compositions and works!

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