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GUITAR BOOSTER VST 1.0 guitar studio effect

Syncersoft & Softrave presents GuitarBooster VST 1.0
Guitar  Booster is revolutionary plugin that enriches sound with creation of new harmonics using algorithm based on  unique new psychoacoustic effect: crossmodulation of harmonic operators and imposition of new frequencies. This plugin is combining technology of enriching low frequencies used in BassBooster plugin with Big Muff style double cascade distortion. Its useful for Bass guitar too. Recommended for all styles with distorted guitar grunge, punk, stone-rock, hard rock, metal, nu rave indie-rock, lo-fi trash and 8 bit chiptune music LFO section is useful for Electrorock , Electrohouse & Dubstep styles. You can create unique tempo- synced distortion effects and pseudo sidechain waves of sound for guitar. It make sense also to pass some synth basses through plugin to make them sound more agressive, powerful and less synthetic

(Being a guitar player by myself i can recommend also to use another slight distortion or hardware box distortion tube unit in circuit before the sound enter Guitar Booster so you can have more fun with sound , some beta testers think the same.)
Plugin creates effect of intellectual boosting of harmonics in terms of Intellectual Information Technology (IIT)
Development of this plugin was inspired also by psychoacoustics research of Shlejonkin Alexander and russian works on mathematical physics.

Price for plugin is 14,55 EU/19,99 USD

Download demo of GuitarBooster VST here at Mediafire

plugins are for PC 32bit only. You can use JBridge to use it in 64 bit DAW
Get it here https://jstuff.wordpress.com/jbridge/


You can also purchase GuitarBooster together with other 3 plugins

in Harmonics Pack for 27Eu / $37 /


14,99 EU


or 19,99 USD  with this button



Harmonic operators section define psychoacoustic effect of bass. Operators modulate each other
in a special way that open a venue to experiment and possibility to achieve bass sound that you want.

LFO section was designed specially to create effects of tempo synced distortion, modulation etc With help of this section you can control pulsation of harmonics with temp syncing or manually.
To assign controller to knob make a right click of the mouse on virtual controller and you will see pop-up menu where you can choose controller.

It also contains switchable tube emulation and 8 bit section to create new effects usable in modern electronic music.
Tube effect make sound warmer in a way it happens in circuit of tube amplifier.
Main trick for 8 bit is that you can create chiptune sound at high and middle section but still has good bass at low frequency. With help of this you can play 8-bit sounding guitar live.

Cutoff section define what type of harmonics will be created and added to mix. It also can be used to create
dj kind of effects in realtime.

Level section contains gain to control the volume and limiter that you can tune for your needs.


plugins are for PC 32bit only. You can use JBridge to use it in 64 bit DAW
Get it here https://jstuff.wordpress.com/jbridge/

Users of Win 7 sometimes have issues with plugins made with Synthedit please read here

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