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HARMONIUM VSTI 1.0 vintage harmonium organ emulation instrument plugin

Harmonium Pro VSTi is based on samples of real Harmonium Organ from 19th century recorded with different position of overtones switches. We also added Analog drift control to add analog touch to samples or to create new vibrato effects . Samples are looped so you can play infinite notes on keyboard without need to pump air with your legs like in original mechanical instrument. .

You can download free version of Harmonium VSTi with non looped samples and wrong +3 pitch here at this special page

Sounds are the same so you can try if Harmonium fits your studio needs

Youtube Demo nothing special. just some notes to demonstrate multilayered samplepack.

How to get Harmonium Pro VSTI in your studio

You can purchase it for 11 EU\15 USD

usually we send plugin the same day, sometimes it take 1-3 days.

This software is only for PC, not compatible with MAC

15 USD button

11 Eu


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