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Vintage Double Phaser VST 1.1 guitar effect

Vintage Double Phaser VST 1.1

Vintage Double Phaser Vst is providing classical phase shift effect and some extended

possibilities. You can create phase shift effect on left and right channel separately

that makes strange unique sound. Or just enjoy classic phaser sound. Its good for

guitars, pads, drums and percussion lines. This plugin was inspired by The Worm

guitar pedal by Electroharmonix.

Simple Youtube Video

Download Demo Version of plugin


To enjoy Midi Learn function of plugin please create midi track for your effect and use your midi controller.

This software is only for PC, not compatible with MAC

You can purchase plugin for 11 Eu

or 15 dollars



6 Vintage Effects VST Vintage Analog Filter VST, Vintage Double Phaser VST, Vintage Analog Ring Shift Modulator VST, Vintage Space Chorus VST, Vintage Vibe Stereo, Vintage Flanger Chorus Stereo

Purchase pack for 31€ / $40 /

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