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Vintage Space Chorus VST 1.0 guitar effect

Vintage Space Chorus


Vintage Space Chorus is intended to create unusual stereo chorus space effects good for rock,

electronica, disco and experimental styles of music

With this plug you can add some vintage analog feel to boring digital sound.

This effect was inspired by guitar pedals made by Electroharmonix.

simple youtube video demo

Download Demo Version of Plugin

To enjoy Midi Learn function of plugin please create midi track for your effect and use your midi controller.

plugins are for PC 32bit only. You can use JBridge to use it in 64 bit DAW
Get it here https://jstuff.wordpress.com/jbridge/


You can purchase plugin for 11 Eu

or 15 usd


6 Vintage Effects VST Vintage Analog Filter VST, Vintage Double Phaser VST, Vintage Analog Ring Shift Modulator VST, Vintage Space Chorus VST, Vintage Vibe Stereo, Vintage Flanger Chorus Stereo

Purchase pack for 31€ / $40 /

Users of Win 7 sometimes have issues with plugins made with Synthedit please read here

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