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Chimes VSTi – sample based instrument with 8 layers of velocity

http://tikov.com/softrave/wp-content/uploads/2023/01/chimes-web.jpghttp://tikov.com/softrave/wp-content/uploads/2023/01/chimes-web.jpgChimes VSTi – sample based instrument with 8 layers of velocity

Chimes VSTi is based on samples of real chime instrument made of round metal bars.

It has 8 layers of velocity so you can have natural sound of Chimes with midi keyboard in your studio

Chimes Vsti was created by Dr Tikov with samples made of real instrument. recorded in his Studio

It was sampled from note A3 till A4. Chimes Vsti can also create soft attack sounds that are perfect for ambient and meditative styles if you properly tweak ADSR at left side.

You can also add analog drift vibration to create more alive type of sound if necessary

Youtube Demo

You can download Demo of Sousaphone VSTi at Mediafire

Its limited to 3 sounds so try note a3 to see how velocity works for timbre of sound

You can purchase it for 15 Euros with paypal

After that you will receive your personal licensed copy of Sousaphone VSTI to your email address included into message about paypal donation. usually we send plugin the same day, sometimes it take 1-3 days.

This software is working on PC,not on Mac

plugins are for PC 32bit only. You can use JBridge to use it in 64 bit DAW
Get it here https://jstuff.wordpress.com/jbridge/


You can also check similar sounding plugin Glockenspiel VSTI

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